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 4.5 Questions with TEDxNormal Speaker & Emcee Kim Behrens Kaufman

We’ve saved the best for last with our TEDxNormal speaker spotlights. We are just one week away from the big event and today we’d like to introduce you to TEDxNormal 2015 emcee and speaker Kim Behrens Kaufman, a writer, storyteller, and public speaker who’s featured her creative talents on both stage and screen!  Kim is… Continue Reading

Announcing the Full TEDxNormal 2015 List of Speakers

Over the next five months, we’ll continue to highlight the impressive lineup of TEDxNormal speakers. The event’s speakers include a comedian, social entrepreneurs, an idea guru, both kinds of doctors – Ph.D.’s and the real kind, mental health advocates, and more.  It’s clear that this event will live up to its tagline; “Anything But Normal.”… Continue Reading

4.5 Questions with TEDxNormal Speaker Kali Lewis

TEDxNormal is picking up steam, make sure to read all of the 4.5 Question speaker highlight articles, which will be released each week until we run out of speakers to feature! We will also be releasing the full list of speakers shortly. This week we’re turning the TEDxNormal fun over to our fourth speaker Kali… Continue Reading