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Michael Luchies TEDx Talk: The Importance of Being an Unselfish Storyteller TEDxNormal

I recently had the opportunity to give my first TEDx talk at TEDxNormal in Normal, Illinois. For once, I gave what I believed to be an unselfish speech. I didn’t talk about my business or try to elevate my personal brand as some subject matter expert or brilliant writer. But I wanted to. That’s right,… Continue Reading


“What a Grandma’s Experience Taught Me About Storytelling” Kim Behrens Kaufman TEDxNormal Talk Recap

Whether we realize it or not, storytelling impacts every aspect of our lives. From social media posts to the millions of YouTube videos and online articles that are available at our fingertips, we consume stories every day, but we rarely think about how our actions can become a story too. “The fact that what we… Continue Reading


 4.5 Questions with TEDxNormal Speaker & Emcee Kim Behrens Kaufman

We’ve saved the best for last with our TEDxNormal speaker spotlights. We are just one week away from the big event and today we’d like to introduce you to TEDxNormal 2015 emcee and speaker Kim Behrens Kaufman, a writer, storyteller, and public speaker who’s featured her creative talents on both stage and screen!  Kim is… Continue Reading

Edited Headshot Michael Luchies Color


This week, we’re spotlighting TEDxNormal speaker, writer, and entrepreneur Michael Luchies, founder of TrepRep. Michael co-hosts entrepreneurship education podcast Trepidemic and radio show Entrepreneurs on Campus. He works with entrepreneurs and small businesses to highlight their stories and increase brand impact with content and storytelling. Here are Michael’s responses to our 4.5 questions (speakers get to finish the… Continue Reading