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“Why we need to innovate how we learn to innovate” TEDxNormal Talk Recap Dr. Alex Bruton

Many of us think that we’re creative and innovative, but are we really? And if so, how do we learn and grow as innovators? Can we even learn to innovate? As Dr. Alex Bruton described his job and mission to the audience at TEDxNormal, “I help people learn how to innovate.” I had the honor… Continue Reading


“What a Grandma’s Experience Taught Me About Storytelling” Kim Behrens Kaufman TEDxNormal Talk Recap

Whether we realize it or not, storytelling impacts every aspect of our lives. From social media posts to the millions of YouTube videos and online articles that are available at our fingertips, we consume stories every day, but we rarely think about how our actions can become a story too. “The fact that what we… Continue Reading


10 Quotes I Took Away from TEDxNormal 2015: By Michael Luchies

Now several weeks after the inaugural TEDxNormal (November 7, 2015 at the Normal Theater in Normal, Illinois), I’ve been able to wind down from the excitement from the event and reflect on the experience. In addition to having the honor of presenting my talk on The Importance of Being an Unselfish Storyteller, I was able… Continue Reading


4.5 Questions with TEDxNormal Speaker Dr. Alex Bruton

The first TEDxNormal event is just a few weeks away! November 7th is when you can hear over a dozen influencers from across the country share their message and insights with you. This week, our speaker spotlight in shining on Dr. Alex Bruton, who is on a mission to help people learn how to innovate.  We asked Alex… Continue Reading


Why TEDxNormal Became a Reality: Interview with Organizer Doan Winkel

Big events take countless hours, volunteers, and money to execute, but the idea behind the event usually starts with one person. For TEDxNormal, it started last spring with entrepreneurship professor and innovator Dr. Doan Winkel. After coming up with the initial idea and speaking to a TED representative, Doan hit the ground running by recruiting… Continue Reading

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4.5 Questions with TEDxNormal Speaker Jackie Boone

Ready for TEDxNormal? We only have three months left to go!  This week, we’re spotlighting TEDxNormal speaker Jackie Boone, an International Digital Marketing Consultant and the Creator of 6 Months to Live. Here are Jackie’s responses to our 4.5 questions (speakers get to finish the last question and then answer it).  #1. Why do you think TEDx talks are valuable? The… Continue Reading

Deborah Halperin TEDx photo

4.5 Questions with TEDxNormal Speaker Deborah Halperin

  November 7th is coming up fast. This week, we’re getting to know TEDxNormal speaker Deborah Halperin—the Action Research Center Director at Illinois Wesleyan University.  Her TEDxNormal talk is focused on motivation, specifically, Empowering Young People to Get Stuff Done. Why do you think TEDx talks are valuable?  TEDx talks are like shots of espresso. They… Continue Reading