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TEDx Speakers: What to Expect to Get Out of Your Experience

Every speaker has different expectations and goals related to their TEDx talk. After the conclusion of the first ever TEDxNormal in November of 2015, each speaker was asked several questions to help future speakers prepare for their talks and to further the impact of each TEDxNormal 2015 speaker’s message. We asked each speaker “what value… Continue Reading


What’s Important When Preparing for a TEDx Talk? TEDxNormal Speakers Answer

Even with months or a year to prepare, gearing up for a TED talk can be difficult because of the format and the potential impact a motivational or inspirational talk can have. There’s a lot of pressure to perform. To help future speakers with their upcoming talks, whether being at a TEDx event or a… Continue Reading

First Time TEDx Talk Tips from TEDxNormal Speakers: Public Speaking Advice

The first TEDxNormal event is in the books. Looking back on their experience, speakers shared their advice for other speakers for upcoming TEDx events held around the world. We asked them the following question: Q: What’s one amazing piece of advice you would give to someone preparing to give their first TEDx talk? Lisa Bodell,… Continue Reading


“Why we need to innovate how we learn to innovate” TEDxNormal Talk Recap Dr. Alex Bruton

Many of us think that we’re creative and innovative, but are we really? And if so, how do we learn and grow as innovators? Can we even learn to innovate? As Dr. Alex Bruton described his job and mission to the audience at TEDxNormal, “I help people learn how to innovate.” I had the honor… Continue Reading


Full TEDxNormal Video Link List 2015

Deborah Halperin Empowering Students to Get Stuff Done Nicole Loftus How something you do every day gets $2.5 Trillion to Entrepreneurs Alex Bruton Why we need to innovate how we learn to innovate Lisa Bodell How Simplification is the Key to Change Elisabeth Cardiello The most powerful question you never considered Liz Flores You Are… Continue Reading

Michael Luchies TEDx Talk: The Importance of Being an Unselfish Storyteller TEDxNormal

I recently had the opportunity to give my first TEDx talk at TEDxNormal in Normal, Illinois. For once, I gave what I believed to be an unselfish speech. I didn’t talk about my business or try to elevate my personal brand as some subject matter expert or brilliant writer. But I wanted to. That’s right,… Continue Reading


“My Semester in the Future” Kali Lewis TEDxNormal Talk Recap

College is supposed to be about finding who you are and preparing for a successful career in a specific industry. Unfortunately, it’s often a time of great frustration. “About a year and a half ago, I was sitting in my career counselor’s office letting out a little steam about how frustrated I was,” said Kali… Continue Reading


“What a Grandma’s Experience Taught Me About Storytelling” Kim Behrens Kaufman TEDxNormal Talk Recap

Whether we realize it or not, storytelling impacts every aspect of our lives. From social media posts to the millions of YouTube videos and online articles that are available at our fingertips, we consume stories every day, but we rarely think about how our actions can become a story too. “The fact that what we… Continue Reading

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TEDxNormal Speaker Jeffrey Stamp: What an idea needs to survive

We hope you’re enjoying your summer! This week, we’d like you to meet TEDxNormal speaker Dr. Jeffrey Stamp, who will share with us what an idea needs to survive. What an Idea Needs to Survive “See if this sounds familiar. You’re plugging away, doing your job, living your life and then bam, you see something… Continue Reading

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4.5 Questions with TEDxNormal Speaker Jackie Boone

Ready for TEDxNormal? We only have three months left to go!  This week, we’re spotlighting TEDxNormal speaker Jackie Boone, an International Digital Marketing Consultant and the Creator of 6 Months to Live. Here are Jackie’s responses to our 4.5 questions (speakers get to finish the last question and then answer it).  #1. Why do you think TEDx talks are valuable? The… Continue Reading