Join us for the 3rd annual TEDxNormal on 11/11/2017!


Our speakers this year will share new and exciting ideas to around experiential work environments, new ways to think about diversity, the dynamics of accountability and relationships, overcoming adversity, what really happens when we become complacent, and more…


These inspirational talks will challenge and encourage you to think about your day-to-day in a different way. Only 100 tickets are available for the event and they will sell fast. Reserve your tickets below today!


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Last year’s event lineup: 

Session I (Discovering the New You) includes the following talks:

The Business of Being Crazy by Jen Friel, Chief Revenue Officer, DropIn, Inc.
Honoring the Blip by Debra Giunta, Founder/Director, Design Dance
Why Your Teen Needs Anonymity by Michael Callahan, CEO/Co-Founder, After School
Mind the Inspiration Gap by Kate Browne, Founder, Ramp and Stair Exercise Club
The Secret to Discovering What We Want by Meghan Conley, Consumer Research Specialist, Undertone
You’re More Than a Statistic by Heather Bischoff, Founder, Dragonfly Direction LLC

Session II (Uncovering the New Workplace) includes the following talks:

I’m Fine by Ann Marie, General Managing Partner, Vue Ventures, LLC

The Pre-Mom Stage: The Path to Motherhood in the Workplace by Amanda Slavin, CEO/Founder, CatalystCreativ
Walking In Your Purpose by Felicia Shaw, CEO, Simply In Your Purpose
Conjunction of Creative Passions in the Workplace by Mike Shannon, Co-Founder, Packback
A World With Engaged Workers by Dana Vogelmeier, Founder, Vogelmeier Consulting
Change, Or We Are Leaving by Tom Walter, Chief Culture Officer, Tasty Catering

Session III (Exploring the New World) includes the following talks:

The False Economy of Self by Robbie Osenga, Chief Potential Officer, Cybernaturic Design, Inc.
How To Be a Man, A Woman’s Guide by Elizabeth Plank, Senior Correspondent,
Making the Ordinary Extraordinary by Sarah Moshman, Director/Producer, The Empowerment Project
Art As a Second Language by Alex Solis, Founder/Artist, Oddworx
The Power of Children’s Ideas by Naomi & Elizabeth Timperley, Director, Tech North Advocates, & Student